The organization is on its track for success. The team deserves heartiest congratulations, as I feel that this is and should be a state’s mission but the organization has taken an oath to serve these Special children with their best possible efforts. I feel it a duty of every Muslim to help, support and appreciate the organization. There are more and more opportunities to expand.

Mr. Sikandar Hayat Khan Sherpao ( Senior Minister Khyber Pakhtgunkhwah KPK, Pakistan)
14:00, 10
th June, 2017

I pray that may Allah ANC bless the Organization’s Director Mr. Inayat ur Rahman and his team with great success and accept their efforts and struggles as they are caring and educating the orphan children with their heartiest efforts, and that may Allah SWT ease them in their mission so that they may expand the facilities in the future to facilitate more and more deserving children.

Mr.Imran Khan President Of Pakistan

1st,Jan 2019