Anjuman Nawjawanan Charsadda (Regd), social welfare, Developmental, non-political, non-profitable and non-governmental organization, established in 1988 for the social uplift, financial development and mental evolution of the downtrodden masses, especially for the youth, is playing a multidimensional role in the achievement of its goals.

  1. Promotion and development of Youth in both genders.
  2. Providing skill development facilities to the youth of both genders.
  3. Creating Awareness among people for a clean environment, safe water supply, and improved sanitation facilities.
  4. Improving the health and educational facilities with coordination of the concerned departments and agencies/organizations.
  5. Organizing training/seminars/workshops and symposiums on different topics for the advancement of youth and community development in different fields.
  6. Arranging special debates among youth on national and international historical occasions/days.
  7. Involving youth for community up-lift programs, developmental and positive activities.
  8. Joint working with Government and Developmental Agencies on assigned issues.
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  9. Involving youth of the area in sports and other positive leisure time activities.
  10. Imparting education to the Special Children (hearing impaired.)
  11. Promotion of cottage industries in the area.
  12. Equipping the youth with technical education of modern age.
  13. Arranging Seminars, Workshops on vital social issues.
  14. Initiation of income generation schemes for both genders in the area.